FOREX Investing Made Simple – “Just What Is Social Investing?”

Just what is social investing?

It’s common knowledge how important it can be for new investors to develop a strong contact support base through online networking.

Until the Internet, it was generally difficult for the new investor to meet important people that could influence their success opportunities.

Social websites have broken down many of these barriers and expanded our opportunities a hundred fold over the recent past for finding new income strategies. A dedicated social investment network permits investors to literally look over the shoulder of world class day trader investors, “in real time,” and copy their trades.


The investment history of these experienced traders in foreign currencies (Forex), GOLD, Silver, Oil, and etc. is an open book to other new traders. If you are just learning the ropes, you can get started investing without having to first learn the marketplace and risking your money.

It even gets better!

Day trading is a high risk venture. But like any other type of investing, risk can be greatly reduced through gaining accurate knowledge and experience about this exciting world.

There are several online trading companies that offer free virtual practice (some call them demo accounts) accounts using virtual (play money) currency. Learn the ropes, get your personal system down, fall into your comfort zone, and then start trading with your real money. You can deposit less than $200 to get started.

Really, there’s more opportunity today than ever before, for the beginner to make it big in the investment world. The economy’s is down because it hasn’t kept up with these many changes and OPPORTUNITIES.

That means a much higher potential for success for those able to overcome the negative picture of a bad economy and see the enormous amount of new opportunities available to us all. There is always a risk when investing, but it can be minimized with the right situation.

When starting out in social investment trading you don’t need to personally know the trader you are tracking. One nice feature is called “Following.” You build a list of several traders you feel may be the right ones for you based on their historical track record of success. When you feel secure in the fact they are worth copying, use your virtual “play” money to try out your strategy. Then it’s time for the real thing, investing your own money.

The broker will usually offer basic free training. You may then wish to get a little more sophisticated by taking a quality course on the subject. This is one business that is easy to start and operate from your home, in your P.J.’s if you like.

Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford is the CEO of Stanford Investments and Financial Services. We are educational trainers and a primary resource center for beginning, intermediate, and advanced online traders. Get your questions answered, the best trading platforms, lowest price quality services, and the world’s largest social trading platform enabling new Forex traders to watch experienced successful people in real time. Copy their trades without learning the entire complex market. FREE online courses.

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